City making. A typological proposal is proposed with a semi-open image, understanding the grain of the urban scale where the plot is located. The control of the relationship of the building with the outside is vital for its operation and organization.

Community. An outdoor community space is proposed adjacent to the vertical communications core that favors meetings of different people and generations, while creating safer spaces.

Ways of living The proposal brings together a total of 40 dotacional housing complex (16 with one bedroom and 24 with two) distributed over 8 floors. The one-bedroom accommodations will be integrated into a single container, and the two-bedroom accommodations into two.

Saving. The general approach of the building is based on its useful life. Understanding the premise of temporary accommodation, the project addresses the concept of the ecological footprint with the use of dry manufacturing processes, in an industrialized way and assembly of the units in a workshop so that their construction is fast, serial and efficient.