Puig + Payà Architects

Puig + Payà architects is a multidisciplinary office that analyzes and evaluates the success of the project from the source.

Architects based in Barcelona, with experience in international, public and private projects. We are used to work on different scales taking into account the key contributions of each case, the concept and creativity as a principle to reach a good development and the final detail.

It is essential to keep in mind the environment in which we develop, to offer our best creative proposals. Our technique has become the ability to convert spaces into places to live. Through our work we manage to transmit harmony to those who inhabit the spaces.

Carla Puig

Co-fundadora y Arquitecta
Architect by ETSALS, URL [Barcelona, 2013]

During his professional career, he has collaborated in the development of private projects in the US, and in public projects with the renowned RCR Arquitectes; He has also developed interior design projects in Barcelona in the Lázaro Rosa Violán studio. In this way, it works on different natures and scales of projects. View profile on LinkedIN

Hector Payà

Co-fundador y Arquitecto
Architect by ETSAV, UPV [Valencia, 2012]

In his professional career, he collaborated for three years with the renowned architecture firm RCR Arquitectes, winner of the 2017 Pritzker architecture prize.
His first monographic exhibition during the autumn of 2016 on the Creative Process stands out, with the three awarded projects. View profile on LinkedIN


Architect by ETSALS, URL [Barcelona, 2014]

During his university education, he studied in Belgium for a year and after graduation he postgraduated as a professional in art direction and set design from the ELISAVA design school [Barcelona, 2014]. View profile on LinkedIN

Among the fundamental axes of the study we find innovation, technology and creativity.

We seek an approach to the project worked from spatial, architectural and landscape sensitivity. On the one hand, the will to give a technical response to a context and on the other hand the search for beauty and harmony in projects.

Among the recognitions obtained for our work, the following stand out: