A building that belongs to the city and to the landscape” The project was born at the moment we tried to understand the place. The immediate response on finding ourselves on this privileged site is mainly the desire to integrate the pavilion within the urban and natural framework of Vallirana.

Vallirana is located in a natural environment with a lot of charm, in the valley formed by the Cervelló stream. The stream is what gives character and life to the municipality. Along the passage of the stream are the crops and most of the sports equipment, linked by a timid green park. The appearance of a new sports complex, as this case, cannot destroy this natural connection.

Our will is that the building belongs both in the city and in the landscape. The vegetation is born voluptuous from these patios. Its function is twofold, the first is to regulate the building bioclimatically, and the second is to subtly connect side by side of this improvised river park, completing the architecture and landscape project that Vallirana needs.
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